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The Personal Touch of Calligraphy - Using Your Computer!

    Sagittal Software Company presents the ByHand Calligraphy and Handwriting Editortm  for Windowstm , a fully-functioning wordprocessor for calligraphy or your own personal handwriting.  ByHandtm does not use or create new fonts.  It is based on the new SagittalScripttm technology that draws characters exactly the way you do.  It looks like human handwriting because it is human handwriting.  Your documents will seem like you did them "ByHand"!
Suggested Uses for ByHandtm:
  • Sign typewritten letters with a personal message.
  • Give your party or wedding invitations a professionally calligraphed look.
  • Write personal thankyou notes that seem handwritten.
  • Create graphics for personal or company letterhead or web site.
  • Create diplomas, awards, certificates and other formal statements.
  • Write poetry or inspirational messages.
  • Make sure people open letters you send them by using "handwritten" addresses.
The Secret to ByHand'stm
Beautiful, Natural Calligraphy:
Using SagittalScripttm technology, each script in ByHandtm includes information on pen speed and direction, which is used to recreate the way a pen would look on paper.  It is much more natural than "script" fonts in many ways: 
  • allows letters to extend over, under, or through the surrounding letters;
  • each script can contain many examples of each letter, from which ByHandtm chooses according to the surrounding letters, to simulate natural handwriting;
  • you may choose messy ink, uneven text baselines, or uneven left margins for a more natural, handwritten look; 
  • you may use commonly available pen tablets to enter your own calligraphy or handwriting directly into the program.

System requirements: 
486 or Pentium equivalent; 
Windowstm 3.1, 95, or NT; 
4 Mb memory in addition to operating system requirements; 
4Mb hard disk space; 
3.5 inch floppy drive; 
Mouse, trackball, touchpad, or pen-tablet (you will only need a pen tablet if you wish to enter your own handwriting - not needed for included scripts. Works with tablets from Wacom, CIC, Calcomp, and AceCad.)
Main Features of ByHandtm: 
  • Fully functioning word processor (Screenshot image);
  • Print directly on envelopes;
  • Choose quill, ballpoint, or felt-tip pens (script samples);
  • Select pen width and color, or choose messy ink (script samples);
  • Letters can be as large or small as you like;
  • Copy to graphics applications;
  • Paste from other wordprocessing or mailmerge applications;
  • Connects script as you type;
  • Password protection;
  • Optional uneven margins and wandering baselines;
  • Print on any printer supported by Windowstm;
  • Ten calligraphic scripts included (script samples).
For a chart comparing Envelopes ByHand to the ByHand Editor, click here.

Don't just take our word for it, read the online reviews and then download the shareware demonstration version of ByHandtm to see for yourself how great your documents can look when they are done ByHand!

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