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    Online Reviews of ByHand. 

    Sagittal Software Company's ByHandtm program has been praised by many within the computer industry. Here are excerpts from a few recent reviews. You may click on the icons for the full online reviews. If you choose to download ByHandtm, please do so from this site, to be sure you get the latest version.

ZDNet ZDnet gave ByHandtm its rating, saying, "If you're tired of the same old notes and memos you prepare with your computer, take ByHand for a test drive. . . . This program is simple to use and offers a whole new way to improve your written communication."

HOMEPC buyer's guide
HomePCHOMEPC called ByHandtm a best buy, saying, "No time to practice perfect penmanship? You can still send letters and notes with an elegant handwritten look, thanks to ByHand. . . . print envelopes that look like they were done by a professional calligrapher -- without the professional price."

PC World
PcWorld PC World says, "If you love the look of pen-and-ink handwriting, get your mitts on Sagittal Software's ByHand. This simple shareware word processor turns your typing into scripted characters that connect smoothly. . . . Laser printed, the writing looked real. It's perfect for invitations."

Rocket Download.com
Rocket DownloadRocket Download rates ByHandtm and says,"ByHand is a wonderful program that allows you to design your own fonts. It is very simple to use . . . . This program is great fun, and no one else will ever have the same fonts as you."

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