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    Here are answers to the questions we are most commonly asked. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question that is not answered here.

  • Can I print directly on envelopes? Yes. We recommend using Envelopes ByHand to print on envelopes. Envelopes ByHand allows flexible choice of envelope sizes, not limited by the "standard" sizes usually available. Just enter the width and height of the envelope. You can also use the ByHand Editor to print on envelopes, but the editor uses the standard set of envelope sizes supplied by Windows. (To print on nonstandard sizes using the ByHand Editor, you may have to choose a larger envelope setting and then change the margins to print appropriately.)
  • Do I need a special printer? No. Any Windows-compatible printer will do. Laser printers produce the crispest edges (especially with postscript), but dot-matrix printers "smear" more like real ink, and they tend to print faster.
  • Can I use ByHand's calligraphy in other programs? You can export a graphic image to the clipboard in the ByHand Editor, and then paste this image into other graphics or wordprocessing programs. Envelopes ByHand does not have this capability.
  • Can I change the size of the letters? Yes. Letters can be as large or as small as you like, and will always print at the full resolution of the printer.
  • Can I import my address list from a database? Yes you can. We recommend using Envelopes ByHand for this purpose. Envelopes ByHand includes an automatic database import feature that can read your addresses directly from most common database types, or from a plain text file. (You can also import into the ByHand Editor, but it takes a few more steps. You will need to create a plain-text file with all the addresses printed in order. You can do this using most databases or mailmerge programs, such as the one included with Microsoft Word. Instructions are included in the user's manual and help files.)
  • Can I import addresses from my PalmPilot? Yes (new for version 2.0 of Envelopes ByHand). You must export your addresses as a VCF or VCard file and then re-import into Envelopes ByHand.
  • Can I use the script fonts in other programs? No, since our products do not use fonts at all! The ByHand Editor allows you to export the calligraphy as graphics which can be inserted into wordprocessors or graphics programs, but you will need to do all the formatting in ByHand. (Envelopes ByHand does not export the calligraphy images.)
  • Can I use other script fonts in ByHand? Not unless they were designed specifically for ByHand. The SagittalScript technology is completely different from the usual font mechanism. If you want a larger selection of scripts, ten all-new scripts are now available with ScriptPak1.
  • How can I enter my own handwriting? You will need the ByHand Editor program, and you will have to purchase a pen tablet (currently selling for $90 - $140 from several manufacturers). A pen tablet uses a pen on a small pad to move the cursor, instead of a mouse. Although it is possible to use your mouse to enter handwriting, it is much more natural with a tablet.
  • What tablets do you recommend? Almost any tablet will work. We have tested units from Wacom (excellent software), Calcomp (slightly less expensive), and Acecad (also inexpensive
  • Can I center-justify the text? Envelopes ByHand allows center-justification, right-justification, and left-justification. (The ByHand Editor only allows left-justification.)
  • Can I have more than one example of each character? Yes. Our technology chooses from all the possibilities. Enter as many as you like!
  • Can I scan in a sample of my handwriting? No. Because our technology depends on knowing exactly how fast you move the pen while writing, we need to actually measure your writing while it happens.
  • Can I send you a sample of my handwriting and have you create a script? No. Unfortunately, we do not have the staff available to help with this.
  • Will there be a version 2 of the ByHand Editor? Probably not. In response to user requests and suggestions, we designed Envelopes ByHand as a completely new product that does the job our users want most. We will continue to support the ByHand Editor for those who need to produce longer documents, export graphic images, or enter their own handwriting.
  • Does your software work on a Macintosh? No. Unfortunately, we have no plans to develop Mac versions of the ByHand Editor or Envelopes ByHand. However, the Macintosh OSX address book uses the VCard format, so if you export your addresses from the Mac and transfer them to a PC running EnvelopesByHand, then you can import these addresses.
  • I installed ScriptPak1, but I cannot use the scripts in EnvelopesByHand. You need to install EnvelopesByHand and ScriptPak1 in the same directory. The easiest solution is to reinstall EnvelopesByHand to the C:\BYHAND directory.
  • The envelopes are blank even though I entered an address in EnvelopesByHand. The usual problem is that the address is placed off the viewable part of the envelope. Go to the Format|Address settings and set the right and top placement to zero, the spacing to 1, the size to 1, and the thickness to 4. Once the address is visible, you can change these one at a time as you like. You can fix the same sort of problem with the return address.
  • In EnvelopesByHand Print Setup, I do not see my envelope size The envelope type set by the printer does not really matter. From the Print Setup dialog, click on the "Printer" button and choose a standard size such as Com10. Click OK, then set the paper size and offset in the Envelopes Print Setup box to be exactly your envelope size (in inches). Print a test envelope, and if the address does not print in the right place you can fix it by changing the offsets to move the address right or left (horizontal offset) or up or down (vertical offset).
  • In EnvelopesByHand, I change the printer settings but it does not seem to remember them The settings are remembered, but when you go back to the print settings dialog it resets to the defaults for the printer each time.
  • What is a "print overrun" error? Usually this means that your printer does not have enough memory to print the complex graphics needed for calligraphy. Try switching the printer to a lower resolution if available (for example, use 300dpi instead of 600 dpi). If that does not work, try using a different printer driver (for example: if you are using a Hewlett-Packard printer in its regular PCL mode, try switching to Postscript, or vice versa). To do this, go to Control Panel and select Printers, then right-click on the printer you are using and choose Properties. Click on the Details tab and choose a different driver that is compatible with your printer. You may also find more suggestions by looking on the website for your printer manufacturer.
  • How can I use centimeters? To convert to centimeters, multiply the number of inches by 2.54. Unfortunately, our programs will not do this for you automatically.
  • In EnvelopesByHand, I get an "Error 380: invalid property value" error message. If this occurs when you are trying to print or do print setup, then it usually means you have not selected a valid printer. Go to File|PrintSetup and then click Printer. Choose a valid printer, set the default paper size and source, then click OK. Now you should be able to change the other settings.

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