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     Script Samples. 

    ByHandtm offers you the ability to enter your own handwriting directly into ByHandtm using a pen tablet, but you will also be able to create beautiful documents immediately using the ten scripts provided with ByHandtm and Envelopes ByHandtm. By selecting among those scripts and other options for pens and ink, you can create an almost limitless variety of beautiful calligraphy, as shown below.

Scripts:  The following ten scripts are all included with ByHandtm and Envelopes ByHandtm
They are shown here using a quill pen, with a medium width.

Carolingian and Gothic Scripts
Spencerian and Freehand Scripts
Widden and Italic Scripts
Copperplate and Round Scripts
Charlene and Nuptial Scripts


Ten New Scripts!
ScriptPak1 available! Click here!


Pen width:  You control the width of the pen, either by entering
a numerical value, or by simply clicking on a toolbar button.

Thin, Medium, Thick Pen Widths  


Text size:  You control the size of text by entering a numerical value.
Widden script shown below.

Small and Large Text Sizes  


Pen type:  Select from ball point, quill, and felt tip pens, 
all shown here using the Charlene script.
Ballpoint, Quill, and Felt Tip Pens  


Messy ink:  For a more naturally handwritten look, choose messy ink,
which makes each letter even more distinctive from the others.

Messy or Regular Ink  


Ink color:  The ByHandtm editor allows you to choose ink colors from
the full spectrum available on your computer.  Choose by mouse click or by
entering precise RGB values. Here's a screen shot of the color picker.

Full Color Spectrum

With ByHand'stm easy interface
and all of these available options,
your use of beautiful calligraphy is
as limitless as your imagination!

Sagittal Software Company
Copyright 1997-2001 Sagittal Software Company, all rights reserved.

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